Non siamo ciò che diciamo, siamo il credito che ci danno. José Saramago


Our Organisation has always been interested in the value of the Human Resources capital.

At present our ” team” is complete. Nevertheless we are always open to new possible applications that we would consider and hold in our databases in case of future possible needs.

These days we are very keen on considering possiblecollaborations with other professionals (Accountants, Labour Consultants).Therefore we would examine with interest any proposals. Colleagues who are interested can email Marco SAVIO.

Compilando il modulo di contatto che segue può inviarci le informazioni.

CCNL applicato: Studi Professionali
Sede di lavoro: TORINO via Montevecchio 11
Orario di lavoro: 8.45 – 12.30 e 13.15 – 17.30

Progetto Partnership

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