Ciò che fa bene alle persone, fa bene agli affari.

Our Network

Our structure enriches both its services and its consultancy with a well tried and tested network

of professionals and companies known through constant communal work, and selected for their knowledge and reliability so that they can be proposed to its clients.

These selected professionals and entrepreneurs can be available to our clients: Notaries, Lawyers,Architects, Engineers expert in innovation, IT consultants, Financial Brokers, Occupational Doctors, quality-certifying Companies, training institutions, recruitment companies, job offer firms, experts in outplacement, and other more.

Specifications of the contract of network nodes can be found in the Area reserved to Clients.

We can also highlight that,in order to provide our clients with the best possible advice, we consider, at our own care and costs, various external opinions.

This is the first brick of the so-called ” Virtual Studio” that can be assembled and disassembled accordingly to the Clients’ needs.

Progetto Partnership

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