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Accounting and Financial Services

Our Service Company deals with the production of financial accounts and all related matters.

Its presentation is flexible and it can cover either the complete management or just the final activities such as the mere compilation of the balance sheet or of the revenues declaration (or self assessment).

For Business Enterprises, Corporations and Independent Contractors

  • management of ordinary accounting,simplified accounting, flat-rate accounting services,minimum management, and specific accounting for Artists and Professionals sourcing data from documents and/or client files.
  • open stock management of clients and suppliers’ books, management of cost centers.
  • trial balance processing, balance-sheet compilation in full with all exhibits, and notes to the accounts; reports of activity even more than once a year, with statements and data output.
  • budget analysis, reports, Fiscal Planning
  • full management, reporting and budgeting for corporations, cooperative companies and consortia
  • full management, reporting and budgeting for partnerships,corporate bodies,sole proprietorships, professionals and artists.

For individuals

  • fiscal assistance for: Unico-PF,730, IMU, lettings agreements,RED,DETR.

Progetto Partnership

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