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Labour Consultant Area

Our Professional Studio deals with the classical activities of labour consultants

  • Consultancy in labour work and contracts for all stages of the employment relationship
  • Consultancy on special recruitment with tax advantages
  • Consultancy on forms of labour flexibility
  • Assistanceand representation beforelocal labour for the set up and the termination of employment relationships
  • Assistance and representation before the PDL (Direzione Provinciale del Lavoro) for the compulsory conciliation attempt of labour disputes
  • Assistance and representation before Social Security Institution in matters of pension contributions and benefits provisions
  • Assistance during controls, investigations and checks on employment relationships.
  • Preparation of administrative appeals against the minutes of inspection bodies
  • Assistance also with representation in individual and collective trade union disputes in presence of internal or external trade unions representatives
  • Consultancy and assistance in company reorganisation and corporate restructuring
  • Consultancy and assistance in procedures of ordinary and extraordinary Redundancy Pay and mobility.

Progetto Partnership

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