I grandi leader sono spesso dei grandi semplificatori. Colin Powell

Consultant and business Manager

In this area professionals are mainly acting as Managers

and they are specifically focused on “organisation of results” rather than on “organisation of the means” to achieve results:

  • Participation in Board of Directors and Supervisory Bodies
  • Activity of company organisation and Human Resources management
  • Set up of systems for Management Control, study and compilation of budgetingexercise and of all relevant reports
  • Financial consultancy, assistance in the development of relations with the banking system
  • Consultancy and assistance to the entrepreneur for the set-up of a specific business Culture
  • Entrepreneur mentoring and tutoring with assistance in the generational succession at the top management of the company.

The same Professionals, in their ” Managerial Vest “can, through a closer follow up of their clients, execute the following:

  • Provide assistance in the analysis of Business line (SBU), in the SWOT analysis, in the definition of business strategy, in the compilation of a Business Plan, in the search for Resources
  • Assist the “to be entrepreneur”in the development of the company
  • Provide assistance with direct participation to all phases of the START-UP
  • Participate, directly or indirectly to the company’s activities (only applicable for Corporations).

The Service Company can also provide its clients with the domiciliation of its legal HQs.

Progetto Partnership

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