"In tutto dovremmo guardare al fine." Jean de La Fontaine


Our Culture

“Surely every medicine is an innovation, and he that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils.” (Francis Bacon 1560-1626)

Aware of the truthfulness of the above citation, we have always believed and invested in our intangible assets, highlighting them till the accomplishment of the holistic value of the system.

These are the capitals in which we believe:

Human Capital
The organization is flat and open to collaboration throughout regardless of the various levels of responsibility with particular interest in the retaining and growth of the Human Capital thanks to advanced learning methods fostered internally.
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Capital of Client Relationship 
This capital is given by the ability to communicate effectively with clients by actively listening and relating to them not only on a professional level but also on the wider sphere of social interactions with the aim to transfer our Values for the Clients’ benefits to emphasize that consultancy and service are not only a matter of price and quality of the products provided.
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Cultural Capital
Our culture is not determined by knowing every answer by heart but by the humility of challenging problems, by the patience of finding intelligent solutions and the strength of organizing and safeguarding experiences; all of this is socialized and shared with the group.
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Technological Capital
The organisation has the most up to date hardware and software with top-notch innovation and security distributed and interconnected on every level. Each client can take advantage of the highest distributive levels of IT, of the connections and of the shared Banks of Data.
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Network Capital 
This is the capability of having a coordinated ensemble of contacts in various linked areas, possibly related to our customers’ activities.
These connections, coming from personal or shared working and private experiences, when appropriate, can be valuable and trustworthy for the customer as well, who can benefit too from their possible problem solving intervention.
Trust Capital 
It is the safe where the recognition and the respect of the professional from his clients are held.
This capital is the result of infinitives overlapped micro-events each one representing the core values of both the man and the professional.
Like hard cement, these core values bind the trust between the professional and the client who can rely on the former also for matters outside the workplace.

We are aware of the value of our capitals and we use them to excel, at our clients’ disposal.

Our Objectives

Outsourcing as a strategy is becoming more and more necessary: delegating non-strategic activities to external partners can be a first step towards streamlined efficiency, even more so if the one chooses a reliable partner who shares similar methods and objectives; Companies who chose external innovative solutions gain immediate and obvious results: they can reduce internal resources and transform fixed costs into variable ones.

We therefore propose ourselves as a reliable outsourcing partner, granting our assistance as a trustworthy partner, constantly up-to- date with a very complex legislation and with most advanced technologies. Counting on our intervention the client can fully concentrate on his core business.

We can offer tailored services, and we are capable to answer very efficiently and on time to all needs from those of the entrepreneur, the sole proprietor, or the industrial group.

Progetto Partnership

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